At GIS our goal is to deliver outstanding value to our customer, which is no easy task. In order to do that, our implementations must be successful, and that requires the flawless management of resources and time. So how do we achieve that? By partnering with the best the industry has to offer in the Project and Portfolio Management space, while also providing our customer with industry proven, battle tested resources!

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Our Partners

Through our partnerships we can offer to you the PPM solution that meets your specific requirements. We work closely with product teams from all of our partners to ensure that we can offer the latest insights into roadmaps, strategy and most importantly - feature additions.


Processes, processes, processes. Who needs them! Well, actually we all do in the world of IT, especially when it comes to projects. Need some guidance on updating or even implementing a methodology for project management? We’re definitely here to help. And even though we’ve shared some of our more common methodologies, perhaps a hybrid or gateway solution fits your company best. Whatever works for you, works for us!