Work Life Balance

We at GIS believe that "A good life balance will allow a good work balance"

We strive hard to blend into every individual just the right portions of these three elements (Work " Life " Success) to achieve wellbeing. Not surprisingly, all our policies are carefully crafted to ensure that they are employee-friendly and have a positive impact on productivity and retention. Paid Holidays & Vacation, Maternity Benefit with extended leave of absence and sabbaticals all are within the grasp of every Miraclite.

As a Miraclite, you are also encouraged to be a part of our various Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns. The Fit for Life initiative gives insights into the right diet, best exercises for the body and soul and a wide variety of useful tips to keep you fit.


GIS offers a benefit to their employees in terms of a pickup and drop facility, (from residence to work and back) thus providing a hassle free commuting experience to our employees.

GIS facilitated transport vehicles are well maintained. The chauffeurs are trained on prevailing traffic rules and safety guidelines and therefore the risk factor during travel is mitigated. An employee can come and go back home in a relaxed state of mind.

This also helps in reducing absenteeism and increases job satisfaction.

Recreation Facilities

The best workouts according to fitness experts are the ones that include the mind, spirit and body.

GIS offers you a state of the art gymnasium and recreational facility.

The recreation facilities like Basketball / Tennis / Indoor games and Mini Gym (whenever available) can be availed. There are no membership/batches required for utilizing these facilities.

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